Koppl produce high quality, high performance compact tool carriers and two-wheel tractors with a comprehensive range of rapid change attachments. This unique system enables machines to be built to meet specific needs offering a reliable and efficient solution whatever the task. Mowing, groundwork or debris clearance can all be accomplished quickly and easily with a Koppl two-wheel tractor.

A Koppl Two-wheel tractor is easy to operate, and offers add-on equipment from a single source. It can be used for many tasks and with its Alpine German engineering it’s no wonder that Koppl build two wheel tractors specifically to cope with steep slope mowing, using a choice of flail mowers, cutterbars or rotary mower attachments as best suites the location.

Koppl design, develop, construct and manufacture not only our basic equipment, but also almost all attachments as well as accessories. This guarantees perfect coordination of two-wheel tractor power and with suitability matched attachments that are built to last. The high flexibility of their production facilities also ensures a timely and efficient supply of spare parts built to their own designs.

The Koppl maxim for all Two-wheel tractors, power units, and attachments is simple operation. Especially with hydrostatic machines where you can choose between an optimized twist grip control or the original Köppl EasyDrive. Both controls are easy to operate and ensure easy handling of the machine in any conditions with full functionality at your fingertips.

Koppl machines are built for the toughest conditions with practicality being at the forefront of the designers thinking to ensure Koppl machines prove themselves reliable in tough continuous operation. This includes adverse soil conditions or rockfalls at work. Koppl machines undergo extensive safety testing and the robust construction (they do not use plastic in exposed areas) provides sufficient resistance to damage in your daily work.

Made in Germany - After-Sales Service

Koppl understand your work must go on. A machine down must be repaired as quickly as possible. So, they offer a flexible supply of spare parts or equipment supported by their own production that ensures that you can still get spare parts for many older models and that you receive these with confidence knowing they are 'Made in Germany'. With a central spare parts warehouse, Koppl guarantee you a fast and comprehensive service.

All Koppl machines undergo an extensive testing regime before they leave the factory in Germany, with all hydrostatic machines they test amongst other things, synchronism, tightness and constant hydraulic performance. The data of their electronic test bench are recorded in the delivery protocol. With this they can ensure that you always receive the best and consistent level of quality.

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