World-renowned and innovative manufacturer Eliet are based in Belgium and manufacture an extensive range of groundscare and landscaping solutions. Whether your looking to deal with overgrown vegetation and trees and reprocess the waste with a green waste shredder, or to create or maintain the perfect lawn with the extensive Eliet turf care range for turf cutting, seeding, overseeding scarifying and the edging of lawns, there is a solution for you. All Eliet machines are made with precision engineering, ensuring simple, effective products of the highest quality.

The Eliet Story

What started as a business run by a single person has now grown to become a family-run business that influences the markets around the world.

The name ELIET takes us back to the founder and inspiration of the company, and an abbreviation of his first name and family name gave the company its name ELIET.

EMIEL LIETAER has been putting his stamp on the company since the very beginning. He grew up amongst farm machinery and he built up broad technical experience during practical trainings in a number of French and German machinery factories before running his own business.

Emiel spotted a gap in the market in that there were no tailor-made solutions on hand for many gardening problems. Thanks to his creative mind and technical skills, the first ELIET machines were produced around 1980 and the foundations for the business as it is today were in place.

Green Waste Shredders

The disposal of overgrown trees, shrubs and hedge clippings has been a continual problem for the gardener or landscaper as the material once cut down is bulky and expensive to dispose of. The solution to this lies with the range of Eliet Green Waste shredders that can process not only wood, like a chipper, but all the leafy green material too, processing it into Biochips that can be returned straight back into the garden to decompose naturally and provide a valuable nutrient to the soil rather than being tipped in expensive landfill sites.

The range of Eliet Green Waste Shredders offers a solution for shredding material from 3cm – 16cm. Shredding Green Waste can clog up standard chippers and become a tricky job but with a Green Waste Shredder the waste is disposed of quickly and efficiently into mulch that can then be used as ground covering thanks to the patented Eliet Chopping Principle.

The range of green waste shredders comprises of the smallest electric Eliet shredder, the Neo, ideal for domestic or light use up to the largest Eliet shredder, the ‘Mega Prof’ which is configured like a trailed wood chipper but being a commercial green waste shredder can shred material up to 16cm in diameter.

The range of Green waste shredders from Eliet are designed to get into the garden so material can be processed on site and to aid this the range includes both self-propelled machines as well as machines with crawler tracks to get into the most challenging of locations as well as conventional trailed machines for those who wish to operate in a more conventional manner. Whether you’re looking for a garden shredder or you’re a contractor or tree surgeon looking for a commercial green waste shredder, Eliet have a solution for you.

Lawn Care

Eliet produce an extensive range of innovative machines designed for the landscaping and turf care professional. The comprehensive range of high-quality turf care machinery is made with precision engineering, ensuring simple yet highly effective solutions with maximum performance for your turf care renovation requirements.

Turf Care is much more than mowing; the turf must first be sown, and then it needs constant maintenance and treatment to ensure it continues to grow and flourish and provide the perfect lawn that every gardener, landscaper or groundsman desires.

The Turfcare range includes machines for:

Turf Removal – For major lawn renovation, it’s essential to remove the old turf and the Turfaway 600 turf cutter does this with ease. This tracked machine can loosen turf that is 60cm wide for easy removal and disposal of the organic matter.

Seeding - Eliet Seeders prepare the ideal bed for the sowing of new turf and then places the seed in direct contact with the soil for improved seed germination. They are easy to manoeuvre, easy to operate and provide a first-class finish.

Overseeding - With the Eliet Overseeder, you can renovate tired or damaged turf and create the perfect lawn in an inexpensive way by Overseeding new seed into the existing lawn. This inexpensive alternative to a full reinstatement provides visible results in less than a month. So, whether the surface is a golf putting green or a tennis court with base line damage the Eliet Overseeder ensures that the surface remains available for immediate use after Overseeding.

Scarifying - The removal of dead grass, thatch and weeds from a lawn is an essential part of lawn maintenance. This Dethatching process is achieved with a Scarifier as it creates the space within the lawn surface for healthy grass plants to grow. The range of Eliet Scarifiers is available with working widths of 40 to 75cm and are available with fixed, loose or double cut blades enabling you to select the right machine for the results you wish to achieve. All Eliet Scarifiers are equipped as standard with Permanently Sharp Blades that retain their sharp cutting edge during their entire working life. The New C550 Collector scarifier is innovation at its best as it reduces the time taken to collect the waste material by up to 50% when compared to conventional machines.

Lawn Edging – Providing a clean-cut edge to the lawn edge at borders or next to pathways allows you to take pride in all your hard works and shows the care and attention to detail you have taken. The Eliet range of lawn edger’s make light work of edging thanks to their robust blades and heavy-duty build quality and are suitable for straight or curved edges. They feature a 300mm blade, which gives a number of benefits: greater active working depth, cleaner cut via higher blade speed as well as 20% longer blade life.  (except KS 240 model – for domestic use only).

Debris Clearance - The clearance of leaves at any time is always a challenge but especially in Autumn as deciduous trees shed their canopy requiring a major clean up exercise within the garden. Eliet manufacture a range of high-performance pedestrian blowers and vacuums to deal with this problem as well as other debris such as aluminium cans and plastic bottles. The Vacuum range includes models that can be mounted on a van or utility vehicle as a Truck loader which is particularly suited for parklands and estates, or towed behind a vehicle should this be preferred.

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