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Revitalise Your Lawn

Let it breathe: It takes care and attention to create and maintain a perfect, healthy lawn. This includes regular scarification – the process of physically removing thatch and moss so nutrients can find their way into the soil. Our scarifiers are the effortless way to breathe fresh life into your lawn, making it thicker and healthier.

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Why Use Scarifiers?

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D38R, Scarifiers Steel Blades

Steel Blade

Robust steel blades ensure that moss and thatch are removed effectively, allowing the lawn to breath.

D38R, Scarifier see scarifying depth

Scarifying Depth

Set the level at which you would like to scarify. The lower you select, the more agressive the machine will work.

D38R, Scarifier the collection bag

Optional Collection Bag

Available as an option, a collection bag means you can easily gather the tatch and moss as you work.

Product Range



Mower Cutting Width

Recommended Mowing Area



Mower Cutting Width

31cm (12.2")

Recommended Mowing Area

Up to 500



Mower Cutting Width

35cm (13.8")

Recommended Mowing Area

Up to 700


2.3kW (at 3400rpm)

Mower Cutting Width

38cm (15")

Recommended Mowing Area

Up to 1500


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