AMS Licence Changes

The spring season is starting soon. Have you thought about extending your StarFire 2 (SF2) subscription to keep your machines precisely on track while seeding? Are you currently only operating at SF1 (+/-23cm) accuracy? In that case, upgrading your StarFire Receiver to SF2 (+/- 5cm) or RTK (+/- 2,5cm) accuracy has just become much more economical. Also, getting your machines online with JDLink – benefitting you with the full range of Telematic services – has never been as attractive as today. Profit from new features like John Deere Remote Display Access and new, highly attractive subscription rates. While you might have placed orders directly on John Deere’s webpage in the past, Thomas Sherriff & CO Ltd will now take care of that for you. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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